Organize Your Cancer Treatment

The Lance Armstrong Foundation, at offers a number of unique and helpful resources. Some of the best are tools to help you get organized. Survivorship Worksheets help you and your loved ones organize information that is hard to keep track of. Go the website and print the documents and fill in your personal information to manage the information important to your survivorship experience.

Cancer Survivor's Health Journal: prepares you for medical appointments by helping organize physical and emotional health concerns, and maintain a list of medications. Sections include:

• Guide to Maintaining a Health Journal
• Health Diary
• Health Care Team Appointment
• List of Medications

Practical Information Summary: helps you maintain complete records in the practical and legal area of your life including insurance, finances and estate planning. Sections include:

• A Guide to Your Practical Information
• Health Care
• Family Information
• Financial Information
• Estate Planning
• Inheritances and Gifts
• Personal Representatives
• Storage of Important Documents

Cancer Survivor's Medical Treatment Summary: helps you maintain a complete record of your treatment and your medical history after treatment. Sections include:

• Guide to Maintaining Your Medical History
• Overview
• Surgery
• Chemotherapy
• Radiation
• Stem Cell or Bone Marrow Transplant
• Blood Product Transfusions
• Suggested Follow-Up

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