O'Neill Leaves Job To Care For Wife

Martin O'Neill, captain of the Celtic football (US: soccer) club and former Northern Ireland captain, is stepping down from his job to take care of his wife Geraldine who has had a recurrence of lymphoma.

O'Neill said yesterday he was leaving the club "purely for personal reasons". He added: "We have had discussions for some weeks as we awaited certain biopsy results. We have had suspicions in recent weeks and that has taken it to a different level but she wouldn't like me to go into too much detail. We had some good news at the back end of last year and she is not too clever at the minute. I don't have a monopoly of bad times but it is the correct thing to do. She has stood with me for quite some time so this is the right thing."

Mr. O'Neill has been active in raising money for cancer charities in the UK. Article

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