Mommy Without Hair

It's impossible to pick which part of cancer is harder than others, but one of the most difficult is helping children cope with the devastating illness and the havoc it creates.

Today I am thrilled to share a new resource I just found - an illustrated children's book designed to help children understand about a parent's illness.

In Mommy Without Hair? My World Turned Upside Down, first-time author Selene Benitone introduces four-year-old Jack who shares his story about his mother’s cancer, the changes cancer brings to his home, and how his family faces her treatment with faith.

Jack tells his story in simple, straightforward language with a positive point-of-view. And he reveals the sometimes humorous, sometimes emotional aspects of daily life in a family with a Mommy Without Hair.

This illustrated children’s book provides a teaching tool that makes cancer treatment understandable to younger children and connects families affected by cancer.

To order the book, read an excerpt, or print out coloring pages and other nifty stuff, go to

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