Lymphoma and Relationships

A cancer diagnosis is one of the worst things a person may hear in their lifetime - the stress, uncertainty, fear. Once they become better educated, by sites like this one, by their medical team, reading, etc. they can overcome the negative thoughts and focus on the fight against the cancer and the goal of achieving remission.

The cancer experience can bring families together - look at the last two posts where families & communities are coming together to help lymphoma patients.

On the other side, there are a very small number of cases where the stress is too much for a troubled marriage and the couple seeks divorce. Something no one wants but it happens from time to time. When I noticed awhile back a number of divorce books being bought in a group I wondered about the issue & did what everyone does - a Google search. I found that the American Cancer Society has an excellent interview with 3 cancer survivors, one who had lymphoma, and their experiences in an interview format. For those interested it can be found here.

No matter the stress cancer imposes, seek out your friends, family, whomever you would like on your "support team". Together you can chart a plan to get lymphoma out of your life.

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