Lymphoma and Humor

Some would ask what does humor and lymphoma have in common? Cancer is a scary thing, not to be laughed at. Very true. But in all serious illnesses, it helps to be able to look at situations and introduce some humor into it - just to cope. The famous story is of some very sick person who got a bunch of Three Stooges movies and "laughed himself well". If it were so easy in most cases.

If you'd like to read up on humor I have a couple of suggestions. Steve Gould (who had NHL) was a very talented writer. Two of his books - "Thank God it's Only Cancer" and "A Lighter Look at the 'C' Word" I recommend mainly for adults. For a younger audience, the comic strip Luann dealt with Hodgkin's in a great way.

I encourage you to find your own way through the humor-lymphoma connection. Whether it is joking about bald heads or calling Adriamycin "Red Kool-Aid." A smile is good medicine.

And Happy Halloween from the scariest place on the planet: Washington DC :^)

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