Love, Leukemia and Light The Night

Like many brides, Holly Jukiewicz is looking forward to her wedding this June where she will marry the love of her life, Lonny Warner. When her fiancé Lonny was just a few months old he was diagnosed with leukemia and he was is treatment for the next several years. His entire family was affected. His brothers often had to stay with other family members while their parents and Lonny were away at the hospital. And Lonny has memories of the dreaded trip over the George Washington Bridge into New York City -- that was the route they took when he had to go for treatment. The family was determined to get Lonny into remission, and he beat the leukemia.

Holly has supported The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Light The Night Walk in the past. But this time she and Lonny decided that it would be fitting to share their gift with their wedding guests by having LLS-themed place cards. Holly told her co-worker, “If this can help any other person or little kid avoid going through what Lonny and his family went through --and still have memories of --then it is time and money well spent.”

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