Life After Cancer

Cancervive is an organization that helps cancer survivors overcome the challenges of “life after cancer.” In addition to support groups, they provide educational materials, insurance information and assistance and advocacy.

At first, I didn’t get it. Why worry about life after cancer? What’s there to worry about?

For some families, having a child with cancer has wiped them out financially and college scholarships specifically targeting young cancer survivors can help.

The Cancer Survival Fund can help ( They envision to reach every young cancer survivor who is actively seeking for a scholarship and/or financial assistance to obtain prosthetics needing our help to continue their education for personal growth and better, brighter future.

What about a caregiver fired for providing care for a loved one with cancer? Cancervive’s legal counsel offers support and advice like this: “It is illegal to discriminate against someone who has a handicapping condition, and also against someone, such as yourself, who is assisting or wants to assist someone who has a handicapping condition” and tells readers what to do next.


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