I'll Drink to That

Now this is just cool.
If you like a nice glass of wine now and then, and like to support a good cause at the same time, then you've come to the right place. Check out www.onehope.com

Thye make wine. Good wine. Sometimes people find causes, other times causes find people, and such is the case with the eight founders of ONEHOPE. These young professionals have turned what started as a personal mission to help out a friend with her fight against cancer into a thriving business which is founded on a very basic, but compelling principle: giving back is good business.

ONEHOPE isn’t a charity, but a for-profit enterprise that donates 50% of profits to partner charities through the creation of cause specific varietals of wine.

There are wines for breast cancer, cancer, autism, AIDS, and our troops. There is a nice range of varieties available and surely you can find one that meets your palate and your conscience.

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