How to Keep Working with Cancer

10 ways to make work easier.

Arm yourself with facts.
For example, cancer patients take no more sick time than other workers.

Work with your doctor — to work better.
Talk to your doctor about treatment options, like oral chemotherapy, that can be taken at home. Ask about drugs and other methods for alleviating side effects.

What they don’t know can hurt you.
The Americans with Disabilities Act applies only if your employer knows of your disease.

Study your options.
Know your company’s policies on medical conditions, flex time, telecommuting, etc. before you share your news.

Control the message — or it will control you.
Share your news calmly. People will react accordingly.

People want to help, but don’t know how. Tell them.
Your boss, co-workers, and human resources team can be a source of support. Encourage them.

Present your boss with your game plan.
Be proactive. That way, both of you know the work will get done.

Reasonable requests get reasonable responses.
Work with your employer to make sure everyone’s needs are met.

Know when to say no.
Determine what requires your personal attention. Delegate the rest.

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