Get Help, or Donate to a Family in Need

The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation was created in 1996 in the honor of Jay McGillis. Jay was a very special young man who developed leukemia while a member of the football team at Boston College. Tom Coughlin was inspired by the courage, compassion and faith he and his family demonstrated during the course of his illness. Coughlin witnessed first hand the financial and emotional struggles the family suffered through and vowed to help people in the same situation if he ever had the opportunity.

The mission of the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation is to assist children with leukemia and other cancers and their families by providing emotional and financial support to help reduce the stress associated with treatment and improve their quality of life. Many times a parent must miss work to be with a child who is hospitalized or requires home care. The decreased income combined with the medical expenses creates a tremendous financial burden. The Jay Fund attempts to alleviate some of this burden so a family can focus on the health of their child.

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