Find Cancer News on Blog Talk Radio

BlogTalkRadio allows anyone, anywhere the ability to host a live, Internet Talk Radio show, simply by using a telephone and a computer. What’s really neat is you have the ability to listen to thousands of shows for free. You can listen to them on your computer, or you can download them and listen to them later, while you are in the car, or taking a walk, for example. You can listen to them live, or you can listen to archives shows.

To find a show that interests you, wither type in the subject name in the search box, or if you know the name of the show, type that in. It’s that easy.
Here are some of the radio shows related to cancer you may find helpful:
The Stupid Cancer Show – hosted by actress and cancer survivor Fran Drescher. Includes information, spotlighted artists, interviews with cancer survivors and advocates, all with a lighthearted touch. This show has dozens of episodes that will provide hours of education and entertainment.
The Only Answer to Cancer with Dr. Leonard Coldwell – health information from a natural perspective.
World Cancer Day: Survivors share their stories – perfect for when you need an encouraging story.
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