Filmmaker Creates New Cancer Movie

Today, I have invited Mike Moraz, an independent filmmaker to share about his current project. “I am in the process of producing a feature film called, Face the Sun. It follows a young family confronting a diagnosis of breast cancer. I started the project after losing a close friend to the illness at 34. She had been told not to worry, ‘You’re much to young for breast cancer.’ The story is not hers, but it shares many characteristics with her and countless thousands of women throughout the world.

When photographer, and mother of two, Kathy Anderson first becomes aware of what seems to be an early symptom of the illness, the locum for her family physician of many years reassures her that, "It's nothing more than a water cyst. You're much too young for it to be anything more serious." Not wanting to worry those closest to her, she hides the symptoms from both family and friends.

Kathy's husband Michael Anderson is a successful lawyer who's asked to handle an important, and complicated malpractice defense case for the firm. But when Kathy begins treatment for the cancer, he discovers he needs help managing both the household and his difficult client, and he must turn to the person he likes the least -- Kathy's best friend Claire.

A new age free spirit, Claire moves in with them, bringing all of her personal baggage with her and in the process complicating what is already a difficult situation for everyone. Along the way she is forced to come to terms with what her life has become.

Face the Sun is the first feature film to look closely at breast cancer and its impact on families. This tender, heart-warming and inspirational film offers messages of courage, hope and forgiveness, while encouraging us to live life to the fullest. Perhaps most importantly, this story highlights the struggles of those that have been waiting too long to tell their story.

Substantial partial proceeds from this film will be contributed to a variety of leading cancer organizations. Visit us at our website,”
Thanks, Mike

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