Encouragement Card Project Needs Your Help

A special free project called the Laugh at Cancer Org. Encouragement Card Project is available to any cancer patient or survivor. Cards will be mailed out 1-2 times a month for the duration of either six months or a year, in order to cheer on the patient or survivor. We hope to provide encouragement, faith, hope, laughter, and support.
But, your help is needed to keep it up and running.
Here how you can help:
• Stamps
• Envelopes
• Greeting cards
• Card stock
• packing supplies
• Office supplies
• Gifts of Love or Donations
• Small gifts to enclose in cards
• Bookmarks
• Pocket cards
• Gift cards

The organization also runs a project titled “Pray for Me.” If you are struggling and in need prayer, join the Pray for Me Project. Volunteers will pray for you and your situation in private on a daily basis. You prayer is always kept confidential and will only be repeated to my prayer team.
To find out more, contact Laugh at Cancer at:
Laugh at Cancer Organization Inc.
P.O. Box 7332
Jacksonville, FL 32238
United States
ph: (904) 415-6653
[email protected]

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