Do You Have a Bucket List?

If someone you know if facing the end of life, and has an unfulfilled item on their bucket list, then maybe this information will help.

Dream Foundation is the first national wish-granting organization for adults 18 years of age or older. Dream Foundation has granted thousands of dreams to adults who are emotionally, financially and physically devastated by terminal illness.

Dream Foundation provides a non-traditional, palliative form of healthcare by providing those at the end of life’s journey with a sense of resolution and completion. Although there is often no cure for the illnesses that our dream recipients face, we strive to improve their quality of life in ways that medicine alone cannot.

Dream Foundation serves all fifty states from one small office based in Santa Barbara and a satellite office in Los Angeles. Dream Foundation relies on donated airline miles to reunite families and make dreams requiring travel come true. We are always in need of donated frequent flier miles.

Dream Foundation works with volunteers, hospices and healthcare organizations nationwide, all of whom are grateful for the help with and compassion for their dying patients. Many of the dreams granted involve children whose parents are desperately trying to create special memories for their family to hold onto after they are gone.

Our goal is to ensure that no adult, whose life will end prematurely due to a terminal illness, should ever pass from this earth without realizing one final wish from the heart. Though we cannot provide a cure for dreamers, we can dramatically impact the quality of their fragile lives with the joy experienced from a dream come true.

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