Diagnosis over the holidays

It may not be clear from my story but it was around the holidays in 1993 that I was having the worst of my symptoms and they prepared to send me to London for tests. Night sweats, back pain, lack of feeling in my feet while walking in the snow, etc.

I clearly remember going to a dinner party of an Embassy official on Boxing Day, December 26th. Generally I was cold and I wore a thick sweater I had bought in Nepal. All of a sudden I was extremely warm and a bit dizzy from then on.

Having lymphoma, and later finding out it was cancer, during the holidays was especially hard. Winter already makes people sad. Having a life threatening illness makes it 10 times (or more) worse.

But just as Spring arrived, I started treatment and with late Summer, remission. The thaw brought new hope and optimism that I hope to bring to you with this blog and website. While the circumstances of your visit here may be sad, I want to assure you the hope is real.

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