Clever Fundraising in UK for Lymphoma Research

UK cancer supporter James Barnard has come up with a unique way of raising money for charity as part of his London Marathon efforts.

Instead of turning to friends and family for sponsorship, James has turned to local business and website owners in an effort to raise money for the Lymphoma association. In return for a donation as little as £2, you’ll receive a piece of advertising space on the Sir Jog A Lot website. The more you donate, the higher up the page your donation is placed and the top 4 donations earn themselves a spot on every page on (now read by runners all over the globe).

James (25) is running the Virgin London Marathon 2010 in April for the Lymphoma Association. Take a look at his website by visiting
If you’re a runner, you’ll enjoy browsing his site anyway, as he has plenty of advice for runners, both novice and veterans alike.

As you prepare for your own running events this spring, let me know if you attempt fundraising the same way, and we’ll promote your efforts as well.

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