Childhood Hodgkin's Survivor Studies to Become a Pediatric Oncologist

21 year old Ethan Helm of Mabelvale, Arkansas has a dream: to become a pediatric oncologist (a children's cancer doctor) to help people affected by Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Ethan knows alot about Hodgkin's as he was diagnosed at age 15 with cancer.

Today Ethan has been in remission for 5 years and he is studing biology at Wake Forest College in Chicago on the road to medical school. The American Cancer Society awarded him a $1000 scholarship to help him achieve his goal. "Receiving the scholarship is quite a blessing," Helm said. "The school I go to is very expensive, and if it weren't for scholarships, there is no way I could attend it. My parents can't afford to pay my way, so the ACS scholarship is really helping me get a good education."

After he becomes a doctor, he is "thinking about going to Africa or somewhere else" where cancer treatment isn't as advanced "to help people."

You can read more about Ethan in the Benton Courier.

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