Caring for Caregivers

Caregiving is a difficult job - no one doubts that. One of the strategies often suggested for relieving stress is to do something you enjoy. I think what many people forget is that when you've been caregiving for awhile, you may forget what brings you happiness.

Here are some suggestions for when the weeks get long as you can get a few hours' break:
-plant flowers
-listen to music - better yet, sing along
-play an instrument
-draw, create, journal, craft, build
-call a friend
-take a walk
-go bowling, or roller skating - enything but grocery shopping
-dress up and go out to dinner
-go to the stupidest movie you can find
-go to a concert
-Find bad facelift pictures online
-Find silly videos on Youtube
-Twitter your boredom
-Learn the Thriller Dance or make up your own routine
-Write your own biography
and my fave - Eat 6 spoon fulls of sugar, a soda, and another thing that makes you hyper and then you won't be bored anymore, you will end up finding something to do... trust us.

The American Academy of Family Physicians offers these suggestions to help prevent caregiver stress:

Accept that you can't do everything.
Stay organized in your personal life. Set schedules to take care of your personal priorities and responsibilities.
Don't neglect your health. Get regular medical checkups.
Make sure you get enough sleep and regular exercise.
Eat healthy, and don't load up on junk food.
Give yourself a break. Call on friends and family members who are willing to help when needed.

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