Cancer Brings Special Mother's Day Awareness

Mothers Day 2011 has come and gone. Mother’s Day calendars are traditionally filled with breast cancer awareness and advocacy events and has always been a day on which I join my sisters and other women in running for a breast cancer free future. This year I spent my day dining in town with Mom. I learned that Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year for restaurants with 40% of Americans abandoning their kitchens for restaurant fare. I also learned that different countries celebrate Mother’s day on different dates - such as the United Kingdom honors Mum’s on the fourth Sunday in March. Whatever the date or the event, Mother’s Day continues to provide a wonderful opportunity to recognize Mom’s, motherhood and express our gratitude. I try to steer clear of the “Hallmark” hoopla but when I received flowers from my two sons, I have to admit I appreciated the day of recognition.

The news coverage leading up to Sunday provided many heartwarming stories. I was particularly touched by a blog written by a woman who grew up without her Mom and the pain of not being able to share her life experiences with her. Like all mother/daughter stories, this story caused me to reflect on my relationship with my own Mom.

My Mom is 89 and we’ve been fortunate to share a lifetime of experiences together. As she battles cancer for the second time, I wondered if Mother’s Day would take on a new meaning for me. Would I want to celebrate as if it were her last? I struggled with how I should make this day seem even more special. I came to the realization that when your Mom’s been diagnosed with cancer - every day you get to share together seems like Mother’s Day. Lesson - don’t wait for the calendar to tell you to buy her a card or send flowers or tell her what a great Mom she’s been. Cancer has a way of making you realize that even if there’s someone out there who calls you Grandma, Mom is still central to who we are - today and forever, physically and emotionally.

Susan Beausang,

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