Band Headlines Event for Fan with Lymphoma is reporting that TRIVIUM and LILITU are among the band that are teaming up to throw a 21st party birthday bash concert Friday, April 15, for Charleston, West Virginia resident Adam Weaver, who has been in an all-out war with Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer since he was diagnosed Oct. 8, 2002.

Like the heavy rock music he loves, Weaver has not let cancer take his spirit, and he is not going quietly.

Weaver, a big time fan of such bands as BLACK SABBATH and SLAYER, should be having a good time Friday, since he was already onto TRIVIUM, long before he found out they were coming in town to rock with him.

"It was kind of weird because none of my friends have been on to them like I have," Weaver said. "These guys are awesome, and I’m really thrilled they're playing at Ozzfest."


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