Balancing Cancer and Career

The results of a national Harris Interactive survey of working women diagnosed with cancer found that only 1 percent of them viewed their company a source of information or support in handling their illness. Although they are usually satisfied with interpersonal support and report an ability to balance the strain of their illness and their careers, many survey participants reported suffering treatment -connected difficulties on the task, such as fatigue, nausea and hair loss, find little help in workplace programs.
However, many working men and women may find support, information and encouragement in a relative new addition to the support community, Cancer and Career. I first came across them on Twitter, and in spending some time perusing their site, I can whole heartedly offer them as a valuable resource.
Even if you don’t work, this is a content rich site you need to check out. My favorite part? The resource section which includes tons of checklists and charts, including:
• Log of Doctor's Office Visits
• Log of Hospitalizations for Insurance
• Log of Medications for Insurance
• Insurance Claim Chart
• Log of Insurance Phone Calls and Correspondence
• Appointment Log
• Evaluating Treatment Chart
• Illustrated Facial Massage Chart
• Prescription Drug Log
• Make-Up On The Go Guide
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