Anxiety: Part 1

In the beginning, you really don't know that your lymphoma diagnosis will include dealing with anxiety. It will take many forms over time. During diagnosis it is anxiety over what will happen. Then when in treatment a new form - treatment anxiety, when you associate negative treatment reactions (side effects) with the treatment - you can actually feel sick before treatment, for example just walking into the treatment center. Things subside considerably when the medical team announces positive results and hopefully remission ("cancer gone!"). But the last form of anxiety can last years: checkup anxiety makes you dread the checkups because no one wants bad news. I have lived 10 years with that one.

Fortunately, the support of your loved ones and caregiver(s) can help considerably. Attending cancer support groups (live or online) or seeing a therapist can also dramatically help. So don't go it alone - find your niche and let it out.

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