Another Connecticut Fundraiser for Teacher with Hodgkin's

And I thought community dinners were a Minnesota thing ;-)

Friends are rallying around Ericka Banhan, a longtime Bethlehem, CT resident employed as a part-time Middle School secretary. Ericka is the wife of self-employed painter Ozzie Banhan and the mother of Alexis, 14, entering her sophomore year in High School, and Brooke, 9, who just completed third grade.

Ericka was diagnosed in April with Stage IV Hodgkin's lymphoma. She has no health insurance.

Friends are coordinating "An Evening for Ericka", a dinner dance and silent auction set for 7 to 11 p.m. Friday, July 15. Gathered recently to finalize details of the event, woman spoke fondly of Ericka. Students love her, they said; despite her illness, she is seldom without a smile.

"Ericka is so fun to be around," said Lisa. "She has so much heart and she's devoted to her kids. She always puts her girls first." "If the situation were reversed, she'd be there for all of us," said Nancy. Gayle Peterson can vouch for that. Nearly 10 years ago, she, too, was diagnosed with Hodgkin's and Ericka was among those offering support.

"I'd be sick from my chemo treatments and Ericka would be there, bringing meals to my door," she said. "She was so helpful. Ericka's a wonderful person." More in the Voices newspaper.

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