A Survivor and Lymphoma Wristbands

Today I read the story of "Grandpa Pat", who is Pat Daulton, a Mantle Cell Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL) survivor. To help in the cause in supporting the children helped by Pat over the years and lymphoma research, Pat and Renee Daulton formed the Daulton Foundation.

They also sponsor "Hugs Heal" blue wristbands. Supposedly the foundation has sold more than 500 wristbands, which cost $10 and benefit the Lymphoma Research Foundation and the Exercise Medicine Center.

Given the article and the site, it all seems genuine but before shelling out I suggest you dig a bit more to see how much money goes where (like they say about tsunami charities). Although these have a "negative ion" capability the yellow Lance Armstrong bands don't have, $10 is more than $1.

I have no connection with the Daulton Foundation.

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