7 year old with lymphoblastic lymphoma

In July 2004, DaQuan McDaniel, a third grader was diagnosed with Stage 2 lymphoblastic lymphoma, but in a round about way. DaQuan’s mother, Cheri, says her son sprained his ankle the previous December, while playing basketball. If not for that injury, she believes, DaQuan’s lymphoma would not have been diagnosed so early.

She advises other parents to “pay attention to your kids. It’s a good thing we had him in basketball, because if he hadn’t sprained his ankle, we never would have known about the cancer” in time.

DaQuan knows a lot of things most seven-year-olds don’t. Like how a feeding tube makes your throat feel so scratchy. What a spinal tap is. And the different forms for administering chemotherapy. And especially how “disgusting” breathing treatments can be.

You can read more about DaQuan's struggle in the Roxboro Courier=Times.

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