Support Groups for Lymphoma


Being diagnosed with lymphoma can make one feel isolated and alone. However, this does not always have to be the case.

Support groups help bring people together, such as cancer patients and their loved ones, and provide a wonderful venue to express their feelings and share advice.

Online support groups utilize the interconnectedness of the web to help people feel comfortable sharing their stories and assisting each other during the tough times that lymphoma brings.

Benefits of Support Groups

The journey of overcoming lymphoma comes with many physical and mental obstacles. It is important during this time for patients and their loved ones to remember that they are not alone in their struggle. Support groups can help to provide the community that is needed and alleviate some of the mental stress. Sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement and support to help you through a particularly tough time, such as the initial diagnosis of lymphoma or the treatment process.

In addition to the mental benefits of support groups, there are practical ones as well. From issues of healthcare providers to treatment options, the process of fighting lymphoma is a complicated one, and having people around that have been through what you have can make the procedures easier. The tips and advice that come from hearing other people's stories is invaluable, and can give you back a sense of empowerment over you life.

Online Support Groups

Online support groups, such as the Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma forum and the Hodgkin's Lymphoma forum on, provide people with the opportunity to assist each other any time of the day. Instead of having to wait for scheduled support group meetings, you can find the solace you need by being able to post questions or concerns on the forum board right when they come to mind.

Online support groups are not only convenient, but also a wonderful outlet for those who prefer the anonymity that the internet provides. It can be difficult to stand up and express the deepest emotions in front of strangers. Online, however, you are able to be open and connect with others without any fear or embarrassment.

What You Need to Know

Online support groups are not the same as group therapy. While group therapy is led by a trained mental healthcare provider, support groups are not. Instead, support groups provide a secure forum for sharing and receiving advice, experiences and feelings.

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