Lymphoma Support

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Patients with any of the many types of lymphoma, as well as their loved ones, need lymphoma support, and they need it in many forms.

Psychological Lymphoma Support

A cancer diagnosis can be paralyzing and devastating. Patients need lymphoma support in coping with the diagnosis and the possible treatments they may have to endure, and how their lives will change.

Social Lymphoma Support

One of the most frequently made comments from cancer patients is, "one thing about cancer is, you find out who your friends are." It's shocking, but unfortunately many people don't know what to do or how to handle things when a friend develops cancer.

Financial Lymphoma Support

Cancer is expensive, even if you have insurance. Fortunately there are some groups that provide some co-pay support for lymphoma patients, such as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, among others.

Basic day-to-day Lymphoma Support

Some cancer patients don't have the kind of transportation options that can get them to a chemotherapy infusion or doctor's appointment, for example. Because of the importance of making every appointment, lymphoma support in this area is crucial. Fortunately, organizations like the American Cancer Society provide or can coordinate free transportation for needy patients.

An Ear or a Shoulder for Lymphoma Support

Inexplicably, society expects a lot of cancer patients. We expect them to be brave and strong and to fight their disease like great warriors. But these metaphors are not applicable to everyone. In fact each person approaches cancer in his or her own way and we should make no demands on how they should react. Instead, we should provide them the kind of lymphoma support we would provide a friend who needed nothing but someone to listen to them, to lend a shoulder for them to cry on, or to lean on.

Lymphoma support groups for patients and their caregivers, such as the groups at, can be found across the internet as well as in communities the world over.

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