Kids Fundraise To Help Friend With Lymphoma


Eight-year-old cousins Elizabeth Conlan and Julia Tremblay are fundraising to help their friend with lymphoma, Chris, go on vacation. Chris is a student of Father John V. Doyle School, and at age 11 this is his second time going through treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

“Coventry Cares for Chris” is the slogan the young girls chose for their campaign, referring to their local town of Coventry, Rhode Island.

“Our plan is to do collections at some stores, selling bracelets for $5.00 and ask people for donations. 100% of all donations will go directly to Chris. Any donation would be appreciated,” said the girls in their letter to the public.

The girls were inspired to help out Chris because they “feel so bad that he has to go through this all over again”. Elizabeth and Julia want to give him a chance to forget about his sickness for a while and just enjoy being a kid.

Read their complete letter to the community of Coventry, Rhode Island here.

In the past week, the girls have already raised over $1000. They have inspired their community to help Chris take a nice break from his sickness during his difficult journey with lymphoma.

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