Question Checklist – Side Effects Questions

Being prepared for office visits assists your doctor in determining your medical needs and most appropriate treatment plan; helps you receive timely access to medical care and related services, and created a mutually respectful and supportive relationship. Besides bringing along a companion, one if the best ways to prepare for a visit is prepare a concise list of written questions. Provide a copy for your doctor.

  • o What side effects should I expect?
  • o What side effects should I report to you immediately?
  • o What side effects may I experience that are not dangerous?
  • o Will there be side effects that may prevent me from using other important treatments, or make it more difficult to harvesting of stem cells in future?
  • o What signs or changes should I report immediately?
  • o What is the best way to contact you about side effects?
  • o How will I feel during therapy, and will it affect my ability to do normal activities?
  • o Can I have sexual relations during this treatment?
  • o What can I do to minimize risks during therapy, such as risk of infection?
  • o Will the treatment or withdrawal from treatment cause depression?
  • o Will you prescribe medications to minimize side effects and risks? Neupogen? Antinausea? Anti-depressive? …
  • o What foods, supplements, procedures, or medications should I avoid during treatment?

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