Question Checklist – General Questions

Being prepared for office visits assists your doctor in determining your medical needs and most appropriate treatment plan; helps you receive timely access to medical care and related services, and created a mutually respectful and supportive relationship. Besides bringing along a companion, one if the best ways to prepare for a visit is prepare a concise list of written questions. Provide a copy for your doctor.

  • o How often should I schedule visits?
  • o What prescriptions do I need & how should they be taken and stored?
  • o Prior to treatment or tests: Ask the staff to verify that your doctors, the healthcare facility, and the type of treatment or test you are receiving are all covered in your insurance plan, and check if the tests and treatments require pre-authorization.
  • o Can you refer me to a social worker that specializes in helping with finances and insurance matters?
  • o What is the best way and time to communicate with you about my concerns? Phone? Fax? Email?
  • o What materials or resources can you provide to help me to become informed about the disease and the treatments?
  • o What resources are available to me to help me cope with the anxiety I feel?
  • o What other resources are available to me: Nutrition? Psychosocial? Sexual?
  • o May I record what you say on tape so that I can be sure not to miss what you say, … . Or do you mind if I take notes?

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