I’m Too Young for Cancer!

There are tons of awesome support services out there with programs just for adolescents and young adults and we're going to tell you about them because no one else does—not your doctor, your hospital...not even the mighty Internet. Why? We don't know. Frankly, we don't care. (It's not their fault, we suppose. Besides, who has the time to search? You've got cancer!)

We don't want you missing out on incredible opportunities like weekend spa retreats, online forums and blogs, social networks, camping excursions, fertility education, peer counseling, college scholarships, financial aid, happy hours and more! (Basically, all the things you never knew you always wanted—oh, and they're free!) What's more, many of the organizations who provide these services were founded by young adult survivors like you so they know what they're doing and can totally relate to what you're going through! So stop searching and start connecting with thousands of others just like you.

Now when you scream, "I'M TOO YOUNG FOR THIS!", at least you'll know you're not alone. (There's over a million of us in the US right now!) So welcome to your life + cancer; where remission is not a cure and survivorship is all that matters. Now get busy living! To find out more, go to: http://www.imtooyoungforthis.org/

Consider this event: OMG! Cancer Summit For Young Adults '09 – Teaser Site Launched: http://omgsummit.org. Registration launches 03/01/09.

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