Cloudbusters’ New Single Released to Benefit Research

It’s the accent.
It’s always the accent.
Maybe it’s residual Beatles love, but damn, I’ve just got a thing for English pop/rock bands. And Cloudbursting is no exception.
I ran across them on Twitter this morning and I was hooked. Then, when I saw that proceeds from their new release “The Obligatory” were going to the Leukaemia / Lymphoma Research Foundation, well – be still my heart. It doesn’t get any better than that.
Well, unless they toured through central Indiana.
Just released on March 8, it’s available by download from 148 websites worldwide including ITunes and Tesco.
The link comes from Andy and Keith losing a loved one to leukemia. The song is actually about overcoming the depression that Andy suffered for over a decade.

But until then, check them out. I totally dig a band who can rock and gives something back. The members:
Andy Shaw - Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Strings, Bass
Keith Hill - Vocals, Guitars, Ukulele
Steve Gannaway - Drums, Bongo's, Vocals
Chris Watson - Bass, Vocals

Check out the band here:

Download it now on iTunes at:

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