What is the usual long term prognosis for Burkitt's Lymphoma?

Hey Mike- That's a little too

Hey Mike-
That's a little too general a question but I'll try to answer for you anyway. Generally speaking, Burkitt's responds very well to chemotherapy; in fact, a combination chemo regimen known as CODOX-M/IVAC has been cited as having a pretty astonishing cure rate for children and adults of around 90%.

However, the older a person is, and the later the stage the disease is caught at, all contribute to a progressively worse prognosis.

People with advanced stage Burkitt's do benefit from surgeries that remove tumors, which is rather rare in lymphomas.

Also, Burkitt's is significantly more common in people who have certain viruses, such as the HIV virus; in fact, 1-2% of AIDS patients tend to develop Burkitt's, and their lymphoma typically isn't discovered until it's reached stage IV, the worst stage.

So the long term prognosis for Burkitt's really depends on a number of factors. As you can see, it can be very good, or not very good at all.


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