very new to lymphoma have an appointment with my Dr. in few days and NEED HELP


Hello Everyone, will try to make the story as short as possible. I am very new to this so most of the things i do not know so ineed as much help as I can get. ( I am writing this story from myself but i am actually the son of the 75 year old's father and I will have to make the decision along with my mother ,but it's easier to type ''I''to make make the story flow easier and easier for you to understand . I am 35years old and my mother is pretty healthy so we've been making all the decisions for him usually. here is the scoop,

ct scan showed big masses
got referred to a specialist who performed what he told me was a needle biopsy,(middle of december) he said biopsy results showed that he is 98% certain I have lymphoma however,

there are many types of lymphomas and each specific type is treated differently. He said in order to figure out exactly which type of lymphoma you have so we can treat it the right way we need to do a surgical biopsy on 12/31/12 he set me up with an appointment to see the Dr. that was going to perform the surgical biopsy.

when he saw my dad he said my dad looks week and if he is not sure if he will ''' make'' it through surgical biopsy. that he might not come out alive at all or on life support either way same thing to us . so he said he wants to do 3 things

a)do 1 more ct scan (which was done same day as visit on 12/31/12 because its been around a month since last one to compare the 2 , to see if the masses are getting bigger , smaller, maybe they are gone well u get the point

b) do a pulminary exam ( might have wrong spelling) test to see how well my dad's lung work this test was to be done on 1/8/13

c) stress test to check the heart to be done on 1/9/13

and then we had an appt set up with him on 1/14/13 where he was gonna tell us how where we stand after looking at these tests

when we left his office on the 31st 3 days later i got a call from him and he said tha the chest scan that we did on the 31st showed that the masses are getting bigger and that pretty much no matter what happens w/other tests we are going to do the surgical biopsy on 1/17/13 he set up the date and everything but he said still do the other 2 test cause it doesnt hurt, the more knoweledge i have the better

we did the pulminary test(lung test)lady told us dad did fine

did stress test on 1/9/13 stress said showed that 2 of my dad'd arteries are are at least 75%clogged. reason she doesnt know the exact number is because stress test just tells u the arteries that are at least 75% clogged but doesnt tell u much more and its not so exant and its only 85 % accurate so what she recomended and set up and what we did is on the next day 1/10/13 we early in morning we went and a Cardiac Catherization test. she said its similar to stress test but as oppose to 85% accurate its 100% accurate and it will show exactly whats going on with the arteries.

the test took 3o minutes, Dr. that did the test was very nice came out talked to us and said ( i am pretty sure this is what he said)

each person has 3 arteries

my dads 1st artery is perfectly fine

2nd artery 80 ''clogged''(he might of used a dif. word but u ge tthe idea) but he said something like even though it sounds pretty bad there is some kind of back way or something like that the heart is still getting most of blood itneeds from that artery not exactly sure what he meant and

3rd artery was the worst one. SO, he said he was going to talk to the Dr. that was going to do the procedure on the 17th and they'll come up w/ a plan.

i talked on the cell phone with the Biopsy Doctor he said that since these arteries are in the shape that they are he might not do the surgical biopsy at all and just treat the lypmphoman. He said i am going to talk to some Dr. who according to him is a huge specialist in lymphoma field and by the time our appt. on 1/14/13 comes he will have a plan for us.

After this i decided to talk to the heart doctor and asked him a direct question , from you looking at his heart today do you think my dad would survive this surgical biopsy that is scheduled for the 17th or not. He, without hesitation said YES. ( i think for him to say yes he is at least 75% certain my dad would surive and thats being on the safe side , its probably more otherwise he would of said i am not sure or said something else to me) SORRY FOR SUCH A LONG STORY BUT I NEED TO BE READY FOR MY DAD FOR WHEN I GO IN ON THE 14TH BECAUSE I HAVE A FEELING THIs is only a feeling that this doctor is not going to want to risk his behind and not do the surgery like he told me and just treat the lymphoma somehow. and i just want to be prepared with what i should be asking him because i never dealt with this before and i should be telling him. because i dont want him to do the wrong thing to save his butt because from his perspective if he does he surgical biopsy and my dad doesnt survive and unfort. dies it looks bad on him prolly never looks good on surgeon when someone dies on under ur knife. but if he treats him with wrong treament for lymphoma,known even really notices. well a 75 year old w/lymphoma died (doesnt really reflect to negative on a doctor certainly not as bad as if he dies under his knife)

Finally, why i am confused is orginally the 1st dr. that did the needle biopsy said that we need to do the surgical biopsy in order to find out with type of lymphoma he has because there is so many of them and each has the BEST way to treat it. PLUS the Heart doctor said that he thinks my dad would make it through this surgical biopsy on the 17th and last the last Chest Scan showed the masses getting bigger. so i do not understand why would he not want to the surgical biopsy on the 17th unless he changes he mind by the 14th when our appt is with him , but assuming he doesnt change his mind I need your guy's input because i am confused and I want the best for my dad. please have some responses for me what i should be considering ,what i should be asking him on the 14th and what my actions should be depending to which way he wants to go..thank you so much in advance

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