treatment question for a rare type of NH Lymphoma

My mom has a very rare type of is sub-cutaneous B-cell Non hodgkins. She was stage 4 when diagnosed. Her oncologist treated her for 6 months with R-chop therapy and she responded extremely well except for a short bout of a-fib, and the cancer seemed to have gone into remission. However, a short time later...within 3 months, it returned seemingly with a vengence. Her dr does not want to go back to the original treatment because of possible heart issues so she tried another drug along with radiation as it is only just under the skin now. However, this new drug did not help and the cancer has spread. We were told that this is a very rare form of cancer and because of that, there is no know protocol for treatment for it. They are trying something new next week. My mom is in excellent health otherwise, was always very active and sharp, but also is 85 years old. Is there anyone out there who has had this type of cancer and been successfully treated that could maybe pass on some info? Thanks so very much.

-Frustrated in NY

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