Stage 4 HIV related birkitt's Lymphoma

Good morning. My 36 year old brother was recently diagnosed with AIDS and stage 4 Birkitt's Lymphoma. He has a size able (visible protrusion) on his scalp and involvement of the bones, the liver and the stomach. Being in the mental health field, I completely understand the connection between positive thinking and recovery; however, I am also a pragmatic person who would appreciate an honest prognosis, which has never been discussed during my brothers treatment. He recently completed his second round of CODOX-M and is scheduled for an MRI and PET scan on the 24th after which he will begin the third round. Having been unaware of his HIV status, he only just began HAART at the time of diagnosis. At admission his CD4 count was 5.

I would be great full for any additional information you might be able to provide on the prognosis in this situation and what we may expect at our next MRI visit.

I sincerely appreciate your time and consideration.

Laura Kopp

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