DLBCL with MYC and BCL-2

My ex-husband has recently been diagnosed (December 2012) with the above. We have 2 children together and as you can imagine it has been a nightmare. He went to MDA and they discovered the MYC and BCL-2 after they started him on R-EPOCH. He was a stage 4 and last month after another PET scan they discovered it was out of his bones and are proceeding with a SCT. He leaves Sunday with my dad and our 18 year old. Until now I found very little about this make up. I can not tell you how excited I was to see other people with the same.....that are alive posting about it!!!This seems to be a very gray area for sure. I have been to Anderson twice with them but this time I will stay behind because of our younger child, who is in wrestling. I am thinking at some point we may go visit. He seems to think he will be home at the end of April BUT MDA says more like the middle of May or end of May. I know this is a rough road so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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