when you have non-hodgkins lymphoma and it is in your bone marrow, can it cause pain in places like your hip bone?

My understanding of bone pain

My understanding of bone pain as a symptom when lymphoma is involved in the bone marrow is that you've got cancerous lymphocytes that should have moved out of the marrow instead remaining there, and the build-up and subsequent pressure put on the area can be quite painful. That said, the procedure to find out if the marrow is involved is a bone marrow biopsy which is traditionally done at the hip and can cause pain in that area for quite a few days on its own.

Stacy..That is where they

Stacy..That is where they found my lymphoma. I had hip pain for a year and they kept telling me it was arthritis and kept giving me cortisone shots. They did ct scans and xrays and nothing showed up. Then they sent me to a smart orthopedic doctor who was suspicious and he did another xray and looked at it himself and say there was a break in the hip.. The radiologist said it was fine. When he went in to replace my hip he took a biopsy and I was stage 4 with 2 different types of lymphoma. Don't trust doctors when they tell you it's nothing. If it keeps hurting go to someone who will listen.

I have been cancer free for 5 months. I had stage 4 DLBC and Follicular non-hodgkins lymphoma. They discovered it in my hip after almost a year of hip pain. Then it finally showed a break and the doctors found it.

I had never been sick and

I had never been sick and then started having back and hip pain-pain that keep waking me up at night not relieved by ibuprofen and was starting to cause me to compensate by bending over a little as I walked and favoring by not putting so much weight on the right hip. I saw a Doctor who said probably hurt my back at work (I am a nurse) went to another Doctor who did blood work which was normal but, because he me dug deeper with a MRI which was abnormal, did nuclear scan which was abnormal finally a bone biopsy in the lumbar spine. I had a little discomfort after the biopsy-not much,went back to work next morning. I had hip biopsy in the Dr's office with just a little local and that was not bad either-went back to work right afterwards. -I requested 2 different Pathologist readings (one by MD Anderson) and the biopsy was positive for diffuse large b cell NHL.
Even though I am in remission I still have weakness in the back with some mild pain because of the damage to the bone in the spine. Blessed and thankful. I am back to work and have a good quality of life.

May the Lord bless you.

ok, so say i have that done

ok, so say i have that done and that is what it is, then what would the procedure be after that?

so ross, if your not a dr

so ross, if your not a dr then how do you have all these answers?

if you had a bone marrow

if you had a bone marrow biopsy that turned up positive for lymphoma? The first thing is that you would automatically be considered in stage IV disease- bone marrow involvement is somewhat serious. however, it's hard to say what would come next because it would depend on the lymphoma subtype that's diagnosed. a stem cell rescue - also known as bone marrow transplant or stem cell transplant - might be considered. in that procedure, high dose chemo and radiation are used to wipe out your marrow - and in essence your immune system- and you receive either your own pre-donated marrow or that of a donor.

but seems like you're getting ahead of yourself. have you had a biopsy done or maybe even a CBC?

as for not being a doc but having answers, well i have a lot of resources at my disposal and I never answer anything in an original way, meaning that nothing i say hasn't been said and researched by qualified doctors and other health professionals before me.

thank you for your response.

thank you for your response. i have follicular non-Hodgkin s lymphoma. i have already had bone marrow
taken and i am waiting for a donor. my dr. at Stanford university said that their was allot of other procedures to do before i have to have the bone marrow transplant but eventually i will have too have it done. first inning of the baseball game. my dr here agrees with stanford. so back to my original question about the pain in my hip, if i already had it done then more then likely i wont have too have it again right? i have a dr appt july 7th and will talk to him about this all too but i always forget things i want to say to him, easier on here.
i was in remission for less then a year. i am doing the wait and watch right now. its all fine with me, playin softball, working, got engaged and having fun. hope to hear from you soon. still have the pain in my left hip, i have had it for about three months or so.

That's true about bone marrow

That's true about bone marrow transplants, in that generally they are the last line of defense before something like palliative therapy. It's not too often I read about people with follicular lymphoma receiving such a transplant however. they are more commonly performed on patients whose disease is considered aggressive.

For your upcoming appointment you might want to ask your doctor about whether he or she thinks you're a good candidate for radio-immunotherapy, something like Bexxar or Zevalin. These are new therapies that have been successful in bringing about long-term remissions from follicular lymphoma. I don't know where your one doctor is located, but the Stanford doctor would likely be more enthusiastic about radioimmunotherapy (also known as RIT) than most because of the state of the art facilities at a place like Stanford. At any rate it can't hurt to ask.

As for the continued hip pain, I would put that on your list of things to ask as well because that's a long time for pain to continue-- too long to not try and determine the source.

By the way you said you were in remission-- what treatment(s) have you already been given?

ill get back to you on that

ill get back to you on that one. thank you for the info though.

the chemo i had was

the chemo i had was cyclophosphamide (cytoxan) and fludarabine phosphate (fludara)
i also had a messed up oncologist who said he could get me in remission but if i went out he wasn't going to do anything else but send me to Stanford. i have a new dr now and know their are other options. im going to ask my dr about what you suggested. i was in remission for less then a year but i have been were i am for about a year. remission or not dont know the difference right now. hope to stay right here for the next twenty or so ha ha.

OK good luck, and i hope you

OK good luck, and i hope you stay where you are for another twenty or more too!

i was wondering if you can

i was wondering if you can develope ra from having non hodgkins lymphoma?

also i was wondering if you

also i was wondering if you took the medication for ra would it make your lymphoma worse?

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