my dad has splenic non-hodkin lymphona, is it curable and what's the life expectancy

please help me

please help me

Paul- I'm assuming your

I'm assuming your father has splenic marginal-zone lymphoma (SMZL). This is considered an indolent Mature B cell lymphoma. What this means is that it attacks the B lymphocytes and is considered an indolent cancer--or slow-growing cancer. That's good news- certainly better than if it were aggressive.

This kind of lymphoma is rather new so it's hard to find definitive information out there, but it seems that the average age that people are diagnosed with SMZL is between mid 50s and late 60s. Treatment generally involves a splenectomy and/or chemotherapy.

According to this source, the prognosis is of a 10 year survival rate of 70%. Expect that figure to vary from source to source, but probably not by too much.

Hope this helps.

Paul, I was diagnosed with

Paul, I was diagnosed with SMZL last May. So far, I've had 4 targeted treatments with Rituxan. My spleen is decreasing in size and my white cell count is going down slowly. From what my doc tells me and other resources tell me, this is a slow growing cancer with a really good rate of remission and very treatable but not curable. I keep trying to find more information on it as well. There isn't a whole lot out there that is specific to SMZL. Good luck

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