Swollen and painful Lymph node under chin


For years I had a small bump, about the size of the top of a sewing pin, on a lymph node under my chin. I first noticed it while shaving and I later brought it to the attention of my GP doctor during a physical and he felt it and said nothing to worry about. Over the years I closely monitored this bump, and there were no changes. Until about 3 months ago when I noticed that the small bump had grown to the size of a BB, but it was still not painful. I had to see a dermatologist for something unrelated but while I was there I asked him to take a look. He did a lot of mmm'ing and hmmm'ing like doctors to and he said he wanted me to see an ENT and sooner would be better than later (I love it when they say that...NOT!) By the time I got in to see the ENT the bump had grown from a BB to the size of a small pea. The ENT felt the lump and said it was on a lymph node but too small for any concern (oh, really?) and that I should come back in 6 weeks. That was three weeks ago and over the last week the bump has increased in size to the size of a lintel bean and is very tender to the touch. I can also feel it inside my throat when I swallow. I called the ENT to move move up my appointment but I can't get in any sooner than next Monday, the 18th of February. I should also mention that I experience sheet soaking night sweats several nights a week.

My question is has anyone experienced similar symptoms and what was the outcome? Is this lymphoma I guess is what I'm getting at? Should I get to different doctor sooner than next week?

I'm a 55 year old male, never smoked, don't drink.

Thanks for ANY information you can provide!


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