My symptoms are shortness of breath, fatigue, night sweats and red patches (petechiae) on legs. Blood work came back normal. Should I rely on this or get bloodwork done again in a few weeks?

Did you have a regular CBC?

Did you have a regular CBC? Frankly, taken together your symptoms COULD suggest some form of leukemia, but they could suggest lots of other things, including nothing at all. were you tested specifically for a blood cancer? keep in mind that a doctor sends you for a blood test, and along with that includes a clinical report, so that a pathologist who isn't looking for something not listed in the report likely may not find it.

regardless i would get more bloodwork done in a couple weeks, if for no other reason, you're clearly concerned about it and it's best to know, one way or the other.


Had CBC w/differntialw/Platelet, Comprehsive Metabolic Panel, Thyroid and Hormone checks. Doc says it's hormonal and sent me to a dermatologist for the petechiae. Dermatologist says if bloodwork is good (and mine was) that sometimes petechiae just happens. But I feel so lousy, tired, short of breath - not my normal self at all. I'll give it another few weeks and if it all continues see what my doctor recommends.

If you mentioned your status,

If you mentioned your status, I missed it. Male/female, age, med history. Can be important.

female, 53, alwyas healthy.

female, 53, alwyas healthy. To feel like I have for this long is very rare for me.

Peggy- If your CBC included a

If your CBC included a WBC differential count and platelet test, and the WBC wasn't high and the platelets weren't low, taken together they would weigh against a diagnosis of leukemia although they wouldn't fully rule it out.

I'm curious- are the petechiae itchy?


Your symptoms seem very

Your symptoms seem very similar to mine. Do some research on Sezary Syndrome. The rash is a big sign. I had a biopsy of the rash done by a dermatologist and he never saw the cancer. It is a VERY rare cancer, my cancer doctor had to do research to treat me, she had never heard of it!

After more testing they found

After more testing they found I actually had Hodgkins Lymph. I am finished with chemo and about to start radiation.

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