Has husband's lymphoma gone to his brain? I've read that this is rare, for lymphoma to travel to the brain, but my husband, who was diagnosed 7 yrs ago and received Rituxin, CHOP and Rituxin again, is now experiencing confusion / high fevers.

My husband has recently been

My husband has recently been experiencing really high fevers, confusion and even hallucinations. Has anyone heard of NonHodgkins Lymphoma going to the brain? These episodes are becoming more and more frequent. I would appreciate anyone's input or even guesses. He's had throught the years: Rituxin, CHOP chemo and Rituxin again. It will seem to be in remission (according to the dr), but with all this going on, I doubt it. He also has a small mass in the sacral region of his spine growing inside the nerve sheath. They can't get to it to biopsy it so they don't know if it's cancer, but I suspect it is. Could this have gotten in his spinal fluid and traveled to the brain? I'm exhausted from researching. Thanks to anyone who cares to guess or who may have a similar situation......

Hi. I'm sorry to hear about

Hi. I'm sorry to hear about your situation. We are actually dealing with a similar situation right now. A family member has had non hodgkin's lymphoma 2x's. already and this third time, they had found there is a lymphoma brain tumor...large one where it is unoperable. We thought he was done with his cancer and were at the end( which he was cleared from having any cancer left) but he started getting sick and tripped in the house. After going to the hospital, they determined he had a brain tumor and after testing the spinal fluid, it is lymphoma again.....ughh.. (it was never caught in regular lymphoma testing because the brain(central nervous system ) is separate from the body.

regular chemo does not also help the brain as there is a blood brain barrier which prevents normal chemo and radiation to work. Chemo must be put directly into the brain to cure the cancer in the brain.

You should have a mri of the brain and spine done as well as have spinal fluid tested and brain fluid. The hospital will know how to deal with this. I would get there asap before it spreads more. ..it is very rare and unfortunately we are one of the unlucky few...working to fight this right now!..don't give up good luck

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