Could it be lymphoma

I Started Feeling Really Run Down In Feb, Not Tired, But Where I Physically Couldn't Wake Up Tired. I Saw My Primary Who Refered Me To Rheumatologist Since I Have Family History Of Lupus. All Blood Work Was Normal, Negative For Lymes, Epstein Barr, Mono, Cat Scratch Fever. I Thought I Was MaybHoursande Just Run Down As I Was Working Long hours and Have An Active 9 Yo And 4 Yo Dtrs. A Month Or So Later Fatigue Was Still Causing Me Troubles, Also Noticed Large Swollen Lymph Node On Left Side Of Neck, Shoulder Area Above Clavicle About 3 Cm, Doctor Wasnt Concerned, Then More And More Popped Out, He Refered Me To Infectious Disease Dr All Labs Repeated All Normal And Negative, She Recimended Ct Scans And Xray Of Chest, All Organs Were Normal Chest Xray Normal But Numerous Lymohnodes In Neck, Chest, Above And Below Clavicle And In Groin, Also What May Be Dome In Breast Snd Axillary Arm Pits Bilaterally. Primary Ordered Diagnostic Mammo this thur Morning. I Have Had occasionL Fevers Of 102F And Nightsweats, Decreased Appetite. The infextious IDisease Dr Doesn't Think Its Any Infection And Doesnt Need Me To Return. My Primary Dr Said Its Unlikely Lymphoma Since All My Swollen Lymphnodes Are Superficial, Bilateral Ans None Internally On Inner Organs. Im Still Finding New Ones, New Ones Running Down R Bicept And L Bicept With A Larger One Nesr L Elbow, Also Behind Lknee. Im Researching Online And Strongly Feel It Could Be A Lymphoma Or Breast Cancer That Spread To Lymoh Nodes. Should I Wait And See What Diagnostic Mammo Shows Thur Morning Or Demand Lymo Node Biopsies? Could It Be Some Form Of Lymphoma? No Family History Of Lymohoma Or Breast Cancer, But Do And Have Smoked Over 20Yrs. Advice? Please? So Stressed And Scared, And Still So Tired All The Time, Please Help.

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