Relapse of CLL/SLL

I am 40 years old male who is in remission from CLL/SLL for last 2 year. What are the symptoms of relapse ? My blood report for last 6 month is as below. I am observing decline in Platlets, Neutrophils, RBC etc. Is it common after FCR ?


Lym- Absolute Lymphocytes
Neu- Absolute Neutrophils

Any help will be appreciated.

When was the date of your

When was the date of your last chemotherapy infusion? (the month is fine, not the exact day)

Its 15th September 2011.

Its 15th September 2011.

According to post-marketing

According to post-marketing studies, Rituxan can affect some blood counts for as many as 12 months following your last infusion. In other words, it doesn't seem likely that treatment is having any effect on your levels. Have you been to this page? [ ] If not I encourage you visiting there. AND of course talking to your doc.

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