Husband's Death from infection and sepsis after rituximab treatment for NHL

What are the possible results of contracting a MRSA (Staph) infection in a follicular, indolent (non-aggressive) NHL patient? After my husband died from some type of infection which I don't believe was clearly identified, I developed a MRSA infection with a lesion in one armpit. I believe that this is probably the type of infection he had. He had had no visible lesions but was running a fever. This occurred a few weeks after the initial four once-a-week rituximab infusion treatments were completed and before beginning a two year maintenance treatment plan of an infusion of rituximab every three months. After he was admitted to the hospital with the fever and in extreme generalized pain he was diagnosed with sepsis. He died the day after we admitted him. Pneumonia was also named and I was told his organs were shutting down and he was not expected to survive. He was not ever conscious that day and had been put on a ventilator during the night. I signed a DNR order because I knew it was the right thing and also what he would want. We never had any contact from the doctor who was treating him for the NHL, and Lymphoma does not appear anywhere on the death certificate. I have wondered if he picked up the infection during his tests a couple of weeks earlier at MD Anderson and if the Lymphoma is what caused the infection to be fatal.

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