Save a Life with Be The Match Registry®


Be The Match Registry® helps people nationwide with finding a bone marrow match:

" You can save the life of a person with cancer, sickle cell anemia, or other life-threatening disorder by becoming a bone marrow donor, Health and Senior Services Commissioner Dr. Poonam Alaigh said today. You can learn how to help by visiting the Department of Health and Senior Services web site at:

“Bone marrow transplants offer life-saving treatment, but there continues to be a critical need for more donors,” said Governor Chris Christie. “By visiting the Health and Senior Services web site, the public can learn more about the donation process and how to sign up with the nationwide Be The Match Registry®.”

“Only 30 percent of people who need a transplant can find a suitable donor among their family members,” said Commissioner Alaigh. “I encourage everyone to consider becoming a donor, especially people from minority and multicultural communities. A diverse pool of donors increases the chances that patients from all racial and ethnic groups can be successfully treated.”

The Department of Health and Senior Services today posted on its web site a new brochure to raise awareness and encourage more people to become bone marrow or peripheral blood stem cell donors. Physicians are encouraged to download the brochure and use it to educate patients about the option of becoming a donor."

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