WWE's The Shield Visits the Children's Blood and Cancer Center

The Shield at CBCC8.jpg

Yesterday, the Children's Blood and Cancer Center (CBCC) at Dell Children's Hospital in Austin, Texas, welcomed the WWE's most fearsome wrestling stable, The Shield.

Last week, members of the Texas Stars pro hockey team dropped by. This week it was pro wrestlers.

The Shield consists of (left to right, below) Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins. They were as big and as intimidating in the halls of the CBCC as they are in the arenas of North America.

 photo TheShieldatCBCC11_zpscbf7dd25.jpg

For example, this young boy wanted to meet The Shield but was nervous about approaching them…

 photo TheShieldatCBCC2_zpsd1532334.jpg

Seth Rollins (left) and Dean Ambrose size him up…

 photo TheShieldatCBCC1_zpsb72ddb1d.jpg

Roman Reigns gives him the once-over too…

 photo TheShieldatCBCC3_zps48463bab.jpg

They invited him over and asked him to slap fives, as hard as he could…

 photo TheShieldatCBCC5_zps6a9e6d3c.jpg

The kid gave them all he had…

 photo TheShieldatCBCC4_zps93c95fdf.jpg

And the guys were impressed.

 photo TheShieldatCBCC6_zps9225f366.jpg

They later made stops to talk to kids in exam rooms, hallways and the waiting room.

 photo TheShieldatCBCC9_zps582f408c.jpg

 photo TheShieldatCBCC10_zpsf776ade1.jpg

 photo TheShieldatCBCC8_zpsebb4b4fc.jpg

Like the visit by the Texas Stars, the visit by the Ringling Bros. clowns, and by the University of Texas Lady Longhorns basketball team (members of which visit every Friday), the stopover by The Shield put smiles on young faces that hadn't smiled in far too long due to fatigue or illness.

Afterward, Seth Rollins said they had been humbled by their visit – a common response by CBCC visitors. But if the visit humbled them, it thrilled the patients, and the value of both the former and the latter defies hyperbole.

For more images from the visit, follow this link to my smugmug page.

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