In Remission but Depressed

I was diagnosed earlier this year, when through ABVD and all went quite well. At this point I am in remission and considered a survivor yet I have been really depressed. I feel like I should be very happy. Is this an aftermath of chemo? Is there something else going on?

I have read some studies on

I have read some studies on those who have survived cancer and generalized anxiety disorder and depression are very common after treatment. My husband went through this and we have encountered many others who have as well. In fact, as a caregiver, I developed these same conditions. Now, we are both on anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications and doing very well. My husband also goes for talk therapy with a psychologist to develop methods for dealing with his anxieties. You have been through a battle and no doubt have some battle scars from it all, but life will get better with time, meds, and support. It just takes time and there is a lot of readjusting to do after treatment. It is also frightening to think it might come back, but your focus will gradually turn back towards life if you seek it out. Life is good now and if you get proper medical help and support for your situation--life can be great again.

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