What a Difference a Year Makes

9/9/09 - I had my CT scan today. I have an appointment with Dr. Goy to get my results on Monday, September 14th. I am feeling great. I feel that I am back to my old self. It would sure be if my results support how I am feeling.

9/13/09 – My wife Sue and I attended the First Annual “Celebrating Life and Liberty, Cancer Survivor Day” at Ellis Island thrown by Hackensack University Medical Center. What I wonderful event this was. We had the pleasure of seeing many of the people we got to know over the past year. Survivors and care givers all had a fantastic time together. Throughout the day there were many performances including three songs sung by one of my fellow Mantle Cell Lymphoma study patients, Jim Roth. He was GREAT! This event was the brain child of Dr. Goy. It is surely amazing how such a great doctor can also be focused on taking time to celebrate. Ellis Island, a place known for new beginnings, was truly a remarkable place to have such an event.

9/14/09 - I had an appointment with Dr Goy and Dr. Feldman. I was informed that my CT scan was 100% clear. I am still in remission! I just can not get over how blessed that I am. God is Good!

My next CT scan is scheduled for Monday, December 7th, 2009. I have an appointment to review my scan results with Dr. Feldman on Thursday, December 10th, 2009.

I will update this blog again after my December 10th appointment with Dr. Feldman.

More to come…

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