We can do this

Another wife of a mantle cell lymphoma patient contacted me through the blog this past weekend.  There are many people searching for hope, understanding, and support from others in similar circumstances. Each has a different journey through the cancer, but all hold on to hope. The research has come a long ways, with each patient contributing to the next patient's treatment regime. Research is possible and necessary.

Dale continues to do more than he can/should every day. His sense of urgency increases daily. We are making progress on his Bucket List, to which I am grateful, as is he. We enjoy time together and have made forward decisions that are working well for our unknown future. Simplify, de-clutter, prepare, and enjoy what we have.

Health continues to be so-so. Shortness of breath, fatigue, diarrhea two-three times a week, and pain in feet and legs.  His six month check up will be in a few weeks with all the cancer tests. He is a bit anxious about the results and frequently reports he "feels like I did before I knew I had cancer." I will report when I have results. In the mean time, people looking for mantle cell answers and hope, know you are not alone. We can do this.

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